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Re: List administrivia

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From: "Randall R Schulz" <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, August 03, 2002 5:40 PM
Subject: Re: List administrivia
> As Chris Faylor recently pointed out, that's what "Mail-Followup-To:" is
> for, and the Cygwin list server does inject that header.
> Given the grievously common desire to have responsibility for properly
> directing one's mail removed from the replying party, reflected in the
> all-too-common request for and the horrifically common use of "Reply-To:"
> munging, I repeat this reference to the definitive and now-classic
> on the evilness of "Reply-To:" munging in mail (or mailing list) servers:
> <>

I have difficulty remembering what "Reply", "Reply All" and "Reply Group"
does. Those are the names used by Outlook Express (OE). They do different
things depending on mailing list and depending on whether it is a newsgroup
rather than a mailing list. So I am not sure whether this mailing list works
more like the rest or not. Of course I realize that what makes the
difference technically is the headers. I am familiar with RFC-822 as
mentioned in that article and in fact I think it needs to be revised to say
RFC-2822, but that is a detail of insignificant relevance to this

Instead of attempting to identify the way things should work, I would just
like to say for the benefit of those of us that are as confused as I that
(unless the author changes the header of their message):

    - "Reply" sets the recipient to just the author, but not the mailing
    - "Reply All" sets the recipient to both the mailing list and the author
    - "Reply Group" is disabled

I am using OE's terms and OE's way of handling the messages from the group.

So the solution I use for this mailing list is to use "Reply All" and then I
delete the author.

I know I use "Reply Group" for newsgroups; is it possible to enable it's use
for this mailing list? Just a minor suggestion.

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