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Re: debugging /usr/bin/info reading compressed files

On Sun, Aug 04, 2002 at 11:54:59AM -0500, Joshua Daniel Franklin wrote:
>I have tracked the reading-compressed-files problem down to the line
>  stream = popen (command, FOPEN_RBIN);
>which gets its definition of FOPEN_RBIN from ../lib/system.h.
>It is defining FOPEN_RBIN as "rb" instead of just "r", which causes
>the popen to fail with "Invalid argument". Setting it explicitly to
>"r" works correctly on both binary and text mounts.
>I'm not sure what needs to be done about this, but hopefully the
>texinfo package maintainer does.

This is a problem in newlib.  I've checked in a cygwin-specific patch to
fix this in newlib so this change will be fixed in the next snapshot
and, eventually, in cygwin-1.3.13.

FYI, the newlib patch is described here.

>By the way, I'd be willing to take over this package maintainence since
>I'm doing a lot of the other doc-related stuff.

Thanks but this is pretty much a no-brainer port.  It's no big deal to

Btw, I've also uploaded a new version of the gzip package which creates
a gunzip.exe link rather than a gunzip (without the exe) link.  I needed
to do this to get info working correctly with gzipped files after testing
my change to newlib.

Thanks for tracking this down.


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