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Re: More on SSH problems....

On 5 Aug 2002 at 12:39, Corinna Vinschen 

> On Mon, Aug 05, 2002 at 03:29:03AM -0700, Stephen C. Biggs wrote:
> > > How do you chroot after ssh login?
> > 
> > A shell script rather than /bin/bash is the entry 
> > for the shell field in the user's passwd line.  The 
> > script executes chroot to the jail with /bin/bash - 
> > -login -i.  
> So it's not the sshd server chroot'ing (which isn't implemented
> in the official ssh sources anyway).  The problem might be related
> to the fact that sshd and the shell script (another bash, that is)
> is still running not chrooted (using the Cygwin DLL in /bin) and
> the child bash is running using the Cygwin DLL in the chroot jail.

This sounds about right because it doesn't 
dump the connection until after it logs on.  But, 
it is the sshd server that dumps the connection, 
not ssh. (In the client side: "Connection to 
localhost closed by remote host").  This is now 
getting me very confused!  Unless something is 
being transmitted wrong, but it only seems to 
matter when public key authentication is being 
used.  Perhaps something needs the dll 
constantly in the client?  Bad news!

> Are these DLLs the very same version?  This is the minimal requirement.

Yes. I did an explicit copy as part of my setting 
up of the chroot jail, and made sure that they 
were sync'd up after I tried to upgrade (see the 
"Oops?" thread).

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