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RE: another cron problem - permission denied

> > You might try removing your /var/cron directory tree and 
> then running
> > that file/script.  If you don't have it, here is a copy
> This seems all okay. So I tried to delete the current cygwin 
> installation
> (removing the cygwin base dir)
> and recogniced, that I can't delete the file in /var/cron 
> because the owner is
> system.
> I tried to change the access rights and then could delete the 
> tmp files in
> /var/cron/tabs, but I'm unable to delete the /var/cron/tabs 
> folder, because I 'm
> not allowed to change (1) the owner and (2) am not allowed to 
> change access
> rights (allowed only to view the rights )
> Any idea how to fix this ?
> BTW: It's an NT 4.09 SP6 Workstation
> Ralf

Try this:

1. Look up the "Power Users" entry in /etc/group.  It is the
numeric field after the second colon, probably 547.

2. Edit your /etc/passwd file.  Change the 'group' number
(the numeric entry, probably '513', after the third colon)
to the "Power Users" numeric entry that you looked up in
step 1.

3. Start a second bash shell, and check your groups (run the
'id' command at the shell prompt)

"Power Users" might be sufficient to give you the permission
you need to remove /var/cron.

4. If not, then you might try using 'Administrators' in steps
1 and 2 above.  I always try to use the least amount of permission

5. If neither of these work then you will need to resort to
changing your Windows account user permissions, or logging in as
an administrator.  I think that this is what Corrina Vinschen meant
by her reply:

> As last resort, you can take ownership as administrator.


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