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Re: List administrivia

On 3 Aug 2002 at 17:40, Randall R Schulz wrote:

> As you 
> say, some posters to this list include a "Reply-To:," usually in an effort 
> to deflect replies away from their personal email address when sending to 
> this list.

Perhaps some of them should include a "Reply-To:" in an effort to 
deflect replies away from the list. :P

> As Chris Faylor recently pointed out, that's what "Mail-Followup-To:" is 
> for, and the Cygwin list server does inject that header.

There's probably 3 mail clients on earth that understand that header 
with zero of them native Winblows mail readers.

Mine is one of the better Winblows mailers and seems to randomly set 
a reply's To: as the sender or the list depending on the phase of the 
moon, the fine structure constant, and the current vital signs 
telemetered from Schrodinger's cat.

> Given the grievously common desire to have responsibility for properly 
> directing one's mail removed from the replying party...

AKA an understandably common desire to have tasks automated as much 
as possible...

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