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RXVT and CTRL-C - Addendum

Hi again...

I forgot one thing to mention...

When hitting CTRL-C in rxvt while executing my program,
after a while CPU jumps to 100%. When looking into taskmanager
it is the shell that eats the cyles... So I assume that something gets thru
but then is mishandled?


On 06.08.2002 10:20:22 cygwin-owner wrote:
> Hi...
> Long time I used the bash running thru CMD.exe. A few days ago I
> switched to rxvt.
> Really nice. Fast and much more comfortable. BUT,
> I recently encountered a problem...
> Hitting CTRL-C is not working everywhere.
> A
> find -type f -print
> can be canceled easily.
> But my self programmed stuff can no longer be breaked with CTRL-C.
> (everything is compiled to run in mingwin). I have to kill it with
> Taskmanager.
> Installed Packages (only the ones I think they are interesting for the
> case to save bandwidth)
> bash 2.05b-2
> cygwin 1.3.12-4 (or 1.3.10-1)
> mingw-runtime 1.3-2
> rxvt 2.7.2-10
> When I am working with CMD.exe instead of rxvt everything is fine... But
> I don't want
> to use CMD.exe any more... When running with CMD.exe TERM=cygwin when
> running rxvt TERM=xterm. But doing a export TERM=cygwin in rxvt does not
> solve
> the problem...
> Anything known about this (couldn't find anything suitable in the archive)?
> Thanks,
> Roland

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