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Re: Trouble running Perl script that require root privilege

On Tue, 6 Aug 2002 12:43:13 -0400  "Humes, David  G." <> wrote:

> Hello,
> Note:  This is NOT a Perl question.

Actually it is a Perl module problem.  There should be a "and $^O ne
'cygwin'" next to the test for VMS in the croak line.  Because Cygwin runs
on top of Windows, it isn't identical to UNIX and this is one of the places
where you get bit by the difference.

> I use Cygwin ocassionally on my WIN2K workstation to develop and run Perl
> scripts that I use for network testing.  I have one script that uses the
> Net::Ping module that I'm having some trouble with because it fails
> saying
> it requires root privilege as shown below.
>         icmp ping requires root privilege at ./ line 48
> Examination of the module reveals that all it's looking for is an
> effective
> UID of 0 (and the OS is not VMS).
>         croak("icmp ping requires root privilege") if ($> and $^O ne 'VMS');
> I can remove this line from the module and then my script works, but I'd
> rather not hack the module.  It seems like I should be able to establish the
> correct EUID by changing the ownership of the script to UID 0 and setting
> the setuid bit.  But chown doesn't seem to do anything.  It doesn't
> complain, it just doesn't change the ownership.  I am trying to do this
> logged into WIN2K with my domain account which is part of the administrators
> group.  My passwd and group files were created with mkpasswd -l >
> /etc/passwd and mkgroup -l > /etc/group.  

Mac :})
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