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Re: Question regarding mailing list archive...

Paul Derbyshire wrote:

> On 6 Aug 2002 at 0:16, Michael Hoffman wrote:
>> [Summary: Suggest you don't use Hotmail]

> What alternatives are there, though, if you want a *free throwaway*
> address that you can dump if the spam gets to be too much? Every
> other free email provider I know of either doesn't provide a means to
> archive messages on your own machine or charges money for that
> ability, and none tend to exist in an unchanged or steadily improving
> form for more than a year or two.

There are quite a few free, POP3-capable, email providers out there. and for example, and there are others.

> Incidentally, since I posted to this mailing list the amount of spam
> coming to this email address has increased.

Really? I get almost no spam on my cygwin-subscribed address. (And yes, I did
get the occasional spam before, so I do not attribute this spam to the cygwin

> [Summary: Rant about gmane news server]

That server is _not_ run by Red Hat or the core Cygwin team. Complaining about
it here is (a) pointess, and (b) off topic.


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