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Re: rxvt fails to kill shell when closed via the X button

If you search the archives you'll find this has been mentioned already, and
that someone was already talking to the maintainer of rxvt to try and fix

Easiest way to show the problem, is type "sleep 24h" and then click the X

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"Andrew DeFaria" <> wrote in message">
> rxvt fails to kill the shell when you close your rxvt window via the X
> (Close) button. This can be easily verified by starting a cmd, setting
> SHELL (e.g. set SHELL=bash) then executing rxvt. Start Task Manager and
> you'll see a bash process running. Now close the rxvt window using the X
> (Close) button. Rxvt will go away. But bash will remain. And if you
> attempt a shutdown of your Windows system you will get prompted to kill
> these processes.
> (Not sure if this is the right place to post this).
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