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Re: Mysterious gdb behavior.

On 6 Aug 2002 at 23:36, Max Bowsher wrote:

> > Like hell it was. If that was your aim, it wasn't well served, since
> > the assertion *you* made was false.
> No, it was correct, as confirmed by other posters.

Will you PLEASE just STOP posting repetitively the same tired old 
SHIT? I want the matter to be dropped immediately, and I want your 
erroneous and insulting suggestion NOT to be the last thing people 
see on the subject. If you feel the need to have the last word, make 
it a non-insulting last word and then shut the hell up. OK? Sheesh.

> My tone was terse, that is true, but it reflects lack of inclination to type a
> long reply, not any evil intent.

If there's no evil intent, why do you persist in suggesting 
unpleasant things about me after repeated requests to STOP?!

> I think it looks like I'm irritated about an incorrect statement phrased as
> total truth, without an 'I think...' or 'Aren't ... ?'

So you repeat it again. Repetition doesn't make it so, although it 
certainly works for the advertising agency and also worked for 
Goebbels. (Is that a Godwin? Well, if it is I don't give two puffs of 

> Not really. I'd say because of a tendency to misinterpret impatience as
> dislike, and respond in kind.

Impatience? Calling me an idiot and similar things is a sign of more 
than mere impatience. If you're impatient, ignore me or killfile me 
rather than send a terse and rude followup that makes me look foolish 
in front of witnesses!

> Also, because a lack of willingness to experiment and research.

All my spare time for experimentation and research is being taken up 
with defending against flame warriors on a mailing list I'm 
subscribed to. :P I'll let you know when the flame war is over and 
I've got more time again and you can suggest some experiments and 
research then. Of course, experiments that in my opinion risk cocking 
up my system will not be tried regardless.

> > Substantially less difficult as in three hours of pain and nitpicking
> > followed by one week of catching more omitted changes, instead of
> > five hours and three weeks?
> As in 1 minute to change your username, rename your _Cygwin_ home directory, and
> change /etc/passwd, followed by a need to re-edit /etc/passwd if you regenerate
> it with mkpasswd.

And what about all the stuff that continues to refer to the old name? 
IIRC we were talking about changing the Windows username and not just 
the Cygwin one here, too...

> > Without deigning to tell me whether or not anything *else* needed
> > doing along with that. Besides the obvious.
> I would imagine it was a spur of the moment reply, not a carefully crafted
> educational document.

Unfortunately the latter was what was needed.

> > Umm, would you like being bluntly contradicted ina public forum? The
> > result is to appear foolish.
> If I stated that X was true, when in fact X was unequivocally false, I would not
> be annoyed at someone who corrected me.

And if X was in fact true and someone contradicted you?
Besides you didn't really answer the question. I asked if you'd like 
it. And you haven't addressed the matter of appearing foolish in 
front of others.

> > Especially under the circumstances, that is a lambasting. The implied
> > judgment is pretty clear and unwelcome. And undeserved.
> I did not go out of my way to polite - true. But it was not intended as such,
> only as a correction, in the minimum number of keystrokes possible.

If I want to be "corrected" I'll ask for it. If I don't ask, rest 
assured any "correction" is not welcome.

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