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Re: setup and unix

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

On Tue, 6 Aug 2002, bruno patin wrote:


We work on a project that have to run and be distributed under
windows/cygwin and different flavors of unix (for the time being,
solaris and linux). We do want to have the same tool to distribute our
project over these platforms and try to use free approach so I come to
my subject. has port of the setup code been made on unices ? I try to
use the source on my linux box but, if the configure do it ok, the
compilation halt on the getopt.c file. So have something been done ?

Another question, is there a non interactive mode of setup (one you can
use on the command line) ?

thanks for your work

setup is tailored for cygwin packages. Why not just write a shell script?

the easy selection of packages,
the standardisation of the distribution formats,
the gui,
the existence of a configuration file to define exctly what version of what package to use

As the development is a collaborative one it is easier to use a well defined product than write another one (if adaptation of the setup tool is not too hard).


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