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Re: Symlink Question

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From:           	Paul Derbyshire <>
Subject:        	Re: Symlink Question (was: Re: Mysterious gdb 
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Date sent:      	Tue, 6 Aug 2002 22:10:49 -0400

On 6 Aug 2002 at 22:55, Max Bowsher wrote:

> However, since this question intrigued me, I did that myself:
> Cygwin creates its shortcuts by writing to the .lnk file itself (not through the
> official Windows COM interfaces). Specifically, it requires that the shortcut
> header be a specific sequence of bytes. A newly created windows shortcut does
> not match this, presumably due to the introduction of fields that were always
> null at the time when this bit of Cygwin was written.


> Also, Cygwin .lnk symlinks should have the read-only attribute set to be
> recognized as such.

As I said I did make the attributes and other user-visible properties 

of the file identical. That included setting it read-only.

> The situation becomes even more complicated on NTFS, when the symlink info is
> stored in an EA, as well.

In a what?
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