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Re: OpenLDAP

Robert Collins <> wrote in

>> I'm facing two major big problems with a build of OpenLDAP I made
>> recentl 
> y.
>> I use this build as a Windows 2000 service using cygrunsrv.
>> 1)
>> In order to run it as a service, I need to specify "-d 0" as a slapd 
>> parameter. The result is that after some commands, NT/2000 eventlog
>> is full. If I remove the parameter, the program fails to launch as a
>> service 
> .
>> Any way of avoiding to use that parameter ?
> Patch openLDAP to not fork() and detach. You'll find that if you look
> at what it does when -d is passed. I suggest adding something like -N
> that prevents the fork() and detach, without altering the debug
> levels. 
> Rob


Thanks a lot for solving my first problem.

Any idea about the second one ?
If I shut down the service ("net stop slapd"), before shutting down the 
server, everything seems to be fine.

Is the SIGTERM I use too "powerful" ? Maybe it kills the service instead 
of telling it to end properly.

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