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Re: OpenSSH and WinCVS in Windows 9x

On Thu, Aug 08, 2002 at 08:48:14PM +0200, Laurent Pinchart wrote:
>> The problem is not in cygwin.  If you are communicating with pipes
>> between non-cygwin application and a cygwin application and expecting
>> EOF notification on pipes you are not going to get it.  Microsoft
>> doesn't provide any reliable way of finding that information on Windows
>> 9x.
>That's bad news :-(
>From the cygwin code (, I assume that PeekNamedPipe 
>returns a negative value for lpTotalBytesAvail on EOF in win2k, and 0 in 
>I'll write a simple application to check that tomorrow.
>BTW I looked at the putty code, and it uses a thread to read from stdin.
>Well, I still think it should be possible to get notified of such an event. 
>feof() from mscvrt manages to do so...

feof on msvcrt is not interruptible by a signal using the UNIX paradigm
and probably doesn't use PeekNamedPipe before performing a ReadFile.

If you're just using a ReadFile to read from a pipe, then it will, of
course handle an eof.  Cygwin can't do things that simply.


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