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Re: Console issue

On Thu, Aug 08, 2002 at 12:06:52PM -0700, Karl Zilles wrote:
>Stephen C. Biggs wrote:
>>Then I go into vi on a big text file and while in vi, tap above the 
>>scroll thumb a few times to page up in the console.  Then I do :q and 
>>when I start hitting enter again, the contents of what was in vi is still 
>>present in the screen buffer.  This means that I have to hit enter a lot 
>>of times to get past it.
>I had this problem when scrolling back to look at long steams of output 
>from tomcat.  Then I'd hit return and instead of returning the view to 
>the cursor, it would move the cursor up to the location I was viewing 
>(on top of the output text).
>I think this is a bug/limitation of the windows console and not a cygwin 
>problem.  I changed to rxvt, and in addition to getting rid of that 
>problem, I get better terminal emulation on some of the systems I ssh to.

It is a cygwin problem.  It could be fixed in but,
so far, in the last five years where this has been a problem, no one
has stepped forward to do so.


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