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[OT] ?? Still continuing to have NT remote authentication problems

This is related to my thread about sshd dumping a connection after 
authenticating with public key authentication without any logging.

I have found that the same thing happens when I connect from my Linux box 
to my NT box over the LAN.  I am also getting problems using samba going 
from Linux to NT.

I am using a user called 'TEST'.  I have set the user rights to allow 
"Access this computer from network', but when samba tries to logon as 
TEST, the security event is "unknown user or bad password".  I KNOW this 
is the right password since I did a logon with this user locally to NT. 

For what it's worth, I ran "syskey" to encrypt the passwords to 128 bit 
instead of 40 bit.  Would this be the problem?

Can anybody give me where to look in my NT setup to try to figure this 
out?  This may probably not now a Cygwin problem, except for the fact 
that sshd's public key authentication doesn't use the TEST NT password or 
access much of any of the NT user information, right?

Maybe someone who knows NT really well that is reading this list can 
point me in the right direction, perhaps suggest some sort of logging 
tools or registry keys.  I'd appreciate any advice.

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