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Re: Program Options vs. cygwin env problem

On 9 Aug 2002 at 1:05, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> >> Oh, and it looks like you are actually setting cygwin values on the
> >> (Default) part of a registry entry.  This is just an entry that Windows
> >> corrects.  It is not what Cygwin reads.  You have to actually *create*
> >> an entry called "default" (lowercase without the parentheses).  Maybe
> >> this is your whole problem.
> >> 
> >
> >No, I have done exactly what you said, above.
> Sorry but, no you haven't.  You misinterpreted what I said.  I said that
> you should *create* a string entry called "default".  You didn't create
> one.  You apparently used an existing "(Default)" that is established
> when you created the "Program Options" key.  That is incorrect.

Actually, I have... I can see how you would misinterpret it because I 
typed it wrong when I listed the registry key - I should not have put 
the word "default" in parentheses. My bad.  I did, in fact, create a a 
new string entry key called "default" so my registry has two values:
(Default) and default with the default being the set value.  This does 
work as advertised, aside from the title/notitle problem.

The reason why I like this is that I do not have to keep a CYGWIN 
environment variable in my NT environment, allowing the registry to keep 
it.  That way, if I ever want to uninstall cygwin, I would just delete 
the proper registry keys (or hopefully, there will be some sort of 
automatic method for doing so, if one already isn't in place).  Then, I 
don't have to worry about an NT environment variable hanging around.

You might want to make this a standard documented option.

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