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Re: cygwin and long filenames with spaces

On Fri, Aug 09, 2002 at 05:06:58PM +0100, Chris Game wrote:
>In an earlier post, Randall R Schulz said...
>> It sounds like you have an alias or shell procedure standing in for the 
>> built-in "cd" command.
>> What output does this command produce:
>>          type -a cd
>> If it's not the built-in (i.e., the preceding command produces something 
>> other than just "cd is a shell builtin"), then make sure that alias or 
>> procedure is defined in such a way to tolerate spaces and meta-characters 
>> in its argument.
>Ah! That vaguely rings a bell.
><goes away and tries it>
>Yes, long ago in the days of beta 19.whatever I must have set cd up 
>as a function including a 'pwd' line. The response is:
>cd is a function
>cd ()
>    builtin cd $1;
>    pwd
>cd is a shell builtin
>So - I need to modify the 'builtin ...' line.
><tries a couple of possibilities>
>Well, 'builtin cd "$*";' works! No  idea if that's the correct 
>modification though.

It's *a* modification, at least.  That would actually allow you to
do something like:

cd /cygdrive/c/Program Files

without the quotes.


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