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Re: cygwin and long filenames with spaces

On Fri, 9 Aug 2002, Chris Game wrote:

> In an earlier post, Randall R Schulz said...
> > It sounds like you have an alias or shell procedure standing in for the
> > built-in "cd" command.
> Ah! That vaguely rings a bell.
> <goes away and tries it>
> Yes, long ago in the days of beta 19.whatever I must have set cd up
> as a function including a 'pwd' line. The response is:
> cd is a function
> cd ()
> {
>     builtin cd $1;
>     pwd
> }
> cd is a shell builtin
> So - I need to modify the 'builtin ...' line.
> <tries a couple of possibilities>
> Well, 'builtin cd "$*";' works! No  idea if that's the correct
> modification though.
> Thanks for all the help - what  a group!

I'd make that 'builtin cd "$@"' instead.  Not sure if it matters in the
case of cd, but this would make it treat quoted parameters properly...
Good practice, anyway. :-)
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