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Re: Telnet takes minutes

Thanks for the quick response.

Those particular machines (1.3.12) are all on different segments from each
other,  with different os's (NT,XP, and 2K). But I have tried from other
machines on both the same and different segments,  same result,  and from
different telnet clients (SGI,  Linux, NT, Cygwin...)  it seems consistant.
I even telneted to "localhost" and to the machine name and ip from
itself....  same result.  I assume reverse DNS is configured as it works (I
didn't know it was configurable)..   as a side note,  rsh/rlogin works like
a champ....

Bruce Dobrin

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Sent: Friday, August 09, 2002 1:02 PM
Subject: Re: Telnet takes minutes

> Bruce Dobrin wrote:
> > Hi,  I noticed that telneting to 1.3.12 version of cygwin takes a very
> > time (minutes) to return a login prompt.  I have this happening on all
> > of my 1.3.12 boxes but none of my 1.3.10 or before boxes..
> >
> > Is there something different I need to set up?
> >
> >
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> Long delays are usually caused because the telnet server is
> trying to reverse DNS lookup or do an AUTH query on the
> client, and is getting no response.  Are the 1.3.12 servers
> on the same network as the 1.3.10 servers?  Where is (are)
> the telnet client(s)?  Is reverse DNS configured for the
> 1.3.12 servers?
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