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RE: rebase and ME

--- Ralf Habacker <> wrote:
> > Ralf,
> > 
> > I'm unable to compile this.  You forgot to include 
> I'll
> > try it as soon as you can get this to me.
> > 
> version.c should be created by the make file. I have tried. 
> $ make
> g++ -g    -c -o main.o
> g++ -g    -c -o objectfile.o
> g++ -g    -c -o sections.o
> echo "float release = 0.4; " >version.c
> gcc    -c -o version.o version.c
> g++ -g    -c -o rebase.o
> g++ -g -o rebase main.o objectfile.o sections.o version.o rebase.o
> What does your make say ? 
Ok, it compiled.  It *seems* to actually work!  Wow!!!!  Here's the

$ ./rebase.exe -l cygbz2*
cygbz2-1.dll: ImageBase: 0x67dd0000 ImageSize: 0x13000
cygbz21.0.dll: ImageBase: 0x67db0000 ImageSize: 0x12000

cygbz2-1.dll: ImageBase: 0x67fed000 ImageSize: 0x13000
cygbz21.0.dll: ImageBase: 0x67fdb000 ImageSize: 0x12000

I tested by running bzip2 on a file, and it looks like there wasn't
any issues.

I'll give apache a try in a little while...


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