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RE: rsync hanging on some machines

I've been seeing this too, but I'm pretty sure it was happening before I
upgraded to 1.3.12 from 1.3.11 or 1.3.10 (can't remember which).  Using
"kill -9" on the hung process doesn't work, but ending the process from
the process manager does.  The problem doesn't always happen, if little
or no data is transferred then it's far less likely to hang, if quite a
bit of data is transferred then it nearly always hangs.

Here's the last few lines from the strace output from a hung process:

   89 1046345366 [proc] rsync 1336 sig_send: returning 0 from sending signal
   38 1046345404 [proc] rsync 1336 wait_subproc: looping
 1104 1046346508 [sig] rsync 1336 wait_sig: awake
  403 1046346911 [sig] rsync 1336 wait_sig: processing signal 20
   75 1046346986 [sig] rsync 1336 wait_sig: Got signal 20
   38 1046347024 [sig] rsync 1336 sig_handle: signal 20
  269 1046347293 [sig] rsync 1336 sig_handle: signal 20, about to call
   41 1046347334 [sig] rsync 1336 setup_handler: suspending mainthread
   76 1046347410 [sig] rsync 1336 interruptible: pc 0x76B41C4A, h
0x76B40000, interruptible 1, testvalid 1

I won't post the whole thing as it's 488MB!


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From: Bruce Dobrin []
Sent: 09 August 2002 20:55
Subject: rsync hanging on some machines

since upgrading to 1.3.12-2  on 3 machines, rsync on  my XP and 2000
machines work fine,  but the same type of machine with NT hangs after
completion,  and leaves an un-killable rsync process out there... I've seen
recent references to similar problems,  but I haven't figured out from the
list if there is a fix yet.

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