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Re: Installing Cygwin: Win98

At 07:34 PM 8/12/2002, Leonard Williams wrote:
>         I would like to use Cygwin to compile several programs to which I
>have access in C source code only.  I have tried using the recommended
>"install from the internet" option.  It was suggested to me that I get the
>following packages:  ash, bash, cygwin, gcc, binutils and make.  However,
>when I try to select them, the last three are listed as "n/a" in the
>development group.  

Try a different mirror.

>Meanwhile, when I tried to download/install the first
>three, a bunch of other stuff started coming over, too.
>         Can you give me some guidance?  I simply want to be able to compile
>source code to make an executable I can run on my Win98 machine.

Make sure you deselect all the other packages, then select the ones you 
want.  Once it starts the download, if it starts downloading a package
you didn't select, don't fret.  Setup understands package dependencies. 
It's only downloading what you need to run the packages you selected.

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