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Re: bash-2.05b-3 - when building big projects the build hangs

"Pavel Tsekov" <> wrote:
> Today I've tried to build the cygwin snapshot from July 08 and
> build would hang every time. The hang appears in different
> i.e. as, cat... I've attached with the debugger and from the
> I can see that it hangs on line 179 of (wait_for_me).
> Replacing bash-2.05b-3 with the previous version remedies the
> problem.

I've just gone the *other* way and that's solved it for me (for
some value of solved), i.e. I'm now on the latest bash and I've
just got a clean build.  But I'm also on the latest CVS cygwin dll
too . . .

I reported this (or something similar) on cygwin-developers and
Chris made some changes.  I'm now trying to check whether the
problem has gone away or I'm just not bumping into it again.  I
suspect the latter at the moment since the build on which it was
hanging the worst was one that triggered a recheck of the
configuration; while the one I'm doing now was from clean.  I'll
experiment some more anyhow.

// Conrad

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