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Re: emacs install problem (Plus: Setup.ini problems)


I'm using the latest--

I just downloaded it again from the link on the Cygwin home page, and that version compares exactly with the one I used to do the problematic installation of the first Cygwin Emacs package.


I'm also getting the pile of parse errors from the setup.ini file currently out on at least two different mirrors (HTTP and HTTP On sites for which I get the warning about the mirror's setup.ini being older than the one I have locally (FTP, e.g.) the syntax errors don't occur.

It seems that a bad setup.ini may have propagated onto some of the mirrors. didn't show this problem early this morning, by the way. That download stalled part way through and my ISP subjected me to idle disconnect. When I went back to retry the download, the setup.ini parse errors were there.

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 12:15 2002-08-13, Joe Buehler wrote:
Douglas W. Campbell wrote:

I have the same symptoms.
What version of setup are you guys with problems using?

Joe Buehler

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