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Purchase of Cygwin license.

Dear Sir,

We are planing to port a commercial application ("the product") to windows
using Cygwin. If I understand correctly the terms of the modified GPL, any
application linked against the cygwin dll falls under the GPL agreement.
However, if we purchase a cygwin license, the product would not falls under
the GPL agreement. Could you let me know the price of such license, and what
are if the license is on a per project basis or per copy basis. Does the
license cover as well XFree/Cygwin, if not could you let me know the price
and the terms of the license.
If we allow the user to install cygwin separately, and distribute the
product (without the cygwin dll, but linked dynamically against it), does
the product have to be opensource unless we purchase a license?

Thanks in advance for your reply,

Best regards,


Dr David Place, ECS International Pty. Ltd.
e-mail:, phone : (07)3229-2566,
mobile: 04-0815-5533, fax: (07)3236-0232.

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