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Re: Fonts & rxvt (again!)

Mark Sheppard wrote:

> > to the left and right of each character typed.  For example,
> > if I type   $ ls -Fla
> > it looks something like     $ |l|s| |-|F|l|a|

> Under XP you do this:
>    Control Panel -> Display -> Appearance -> Effects...
> then set "Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts"
> to "Standard" rather than "Clear Type".  I've not seen this problem
> occur under 2000.
unfortunately, afaik there's no veritable solution yet!

see earlier posting from Philip Flip Kromer, dated april 2002, covering this
XP bug:
> ... that it is because Windows with cleartype lies about how to
> compute a bounding box for a font but MS will not share the
> information. File under "yet another example of why the DOJ consent
> degree sucks."
i found out that smoothing works in a rough-and-ready way with the
"courier new" font, but pay attention to a suitable font size.
for instance you may invoke rxvt like this

rxvt.exe -g 100x40 -fb 'Courier New-15' -fn 'Courier New-15'

(you can use the "system" windows font instead as well.)
note that this is merely a lame workaround which does not completely
avoid unwanted graphical gubbish on the shell...
as "courier new" isn't a quality screen font like "andale mono" or
"lucida sans unicode" which i personally employed so far, some
formatting (done with PS1)
will look weird, especially when scrolling.

have a look at the ssh client "SecureCRT" of VanDyke software inc. ( ).
this tool lets you configure many properties of the console's
appearance. i think, vandyke had a similar appearance problem with an
earlier version, but they obviously managed fixing it. within early
betas of xp some ms apps had also been concerned by the "subpixel
anti-aliasing" bug, microsoft solved that later on - at least for the
native os programs.
maybe someone from VanDyke software inc. reads this who can offer any


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