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RE: Cygwin takes *forever* to run gcc's configure!


Are you using win2K?  if so start the task manager and switch to

If you are using Norton Antivirus you will find a process NOPDB.EXE
which has something to with Norton.  Check the process time of all the
running processes and you may find the culprit.  In my case it has
always been the NOPDB.  Which, by the way you CANNOT kill directly. :(
Right click the process and say debug.  You can then stop the process
and low and behold cygwin will start moving again.  This seems to appear
more on the non-Intel processors, I have no idea why

Jimm Burk
Sr. Embedded Software Engineer
Peerless Systems Imaging Products
20415 72nd Ave South
Suite 400
Kent, Washington 98032
(253) 395-8890 ext. 50

-----Original Message-----
From: Dan Kegel []
Sent: Wednesday, August 14, 2002 9:26 PM
Subject: Cygwin takes *forever* to run gcc's configure!

I'm trying to build gcc3.0.4 for ppc on Cygwin, but the configure
script is taking *forever*!  It's about 100 times slower than on
Linux.  I don't think it'll finish overnight.  It's been on
"checking for getrusage..." for the last 20 minutes.
The CPU is 95% idle.

I checked the FAQ, and no, I don't have a \\ in my path.  Here's the

Nothing funny there (except perhaps /usr/bin being in the path twice),
and having ActivePerl installed.

The OS is Windows 2000.  I just installed a fresh copy of Cygwin from
I notice another fellow had a similar problem just a couple days ago --
is this contagious?

I tried turning off my virus software, no change.  I'd turn off the
VNC server, but then I couldn't see what was going on :-)

I tried running again, and watching closely for what was slow.
Seems like every line of configure's output takes about 1 second to
Haven't seen it slow down to zero again yet, but

Has anyone figured out what can cause cygwin to run soooo sloooowly?
- Dan

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