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Random Rsync 2.5.5-1 hang using Cron 3.0.1-7


I'm running Cygwin 1.3.12 (and a few previous) and I keep encountering an
Rsync hang. I have a small rsync script (see below) that does backups of my
HD to an external HD. On occasion, usually when I have an IDE open, rsync
will hang when run as a cron job.

I did some searching through the mailing list archives and found there were
a few patches that went into the Rsync 2.4.x releases for this style of
issue, but nothing relating to cron, and no issues since the patch went into
rsync 2.5.x. Nothing in the documentation seems to indicate any issues or
requirements for what I'm doing (it doesn't look like I need an rsync server
to do a local copy).

The problem seems to only occur when the job is run through Cron, running it
via the shell will work fine. Once hung there will be two Rsync processes
(see excerpt below) and the sh and tcsh spawned by Cron. All but one of
these will be kill -9'able. The other can be closed via the windows task

The log that the process generates shows no errors (exceprt below) and shows
what seems to be a complete run of rsync just before output is given.

I'm at a loss at what else this could be. I've tried the script in tcsh and
bash, both in the script and as specified in cron.

Thanks in advance,

follow ----------------------------------

// -------------------------- DLL Version

// -------------------------- Tools Versions
cron                3.0.1-7
rsync               2.5.5-1

//------------------------------- Log excerpt
$ tail logs/Thursday_AM_backup.log
Projects/carspecs/SQL Work/NSCYV_1-2.EXE
Projects/carspecs/SQL Work/SSCJ_CS2002_TextFiles_UTF8.exe
Projects/carspecs/SQL Work/SSCUSA_CS2002_TEXTFILES.EXE
Projects/carspecs/SQL Work/SSCUSA_CS2002_TextFiles_UTF8.exe
Projects/carspecs/SQL Work/SbF - SQLs.txt is uptodate
Projects/carspecs/Sources/MultiCountryTestApp/Form1.frm is uptodate
Projects/carspecs/Sources/MultiCountryTestApp/MSSCCPRJ.SCC is uptodate
Projects/carspecs/Sources/MultiCountryTestApp/Project1.vbp is uptodate
Projects/carspecs/Sources/MultiCountryTestApp/Project1.vbw is uptodate
total: matches=0  tag_hits=0  false_alarms=0 data=133019599

//------------------------------ Script

# Parameters
set backupdirs = "$HOME /d/Projects"
set logFile = "$HOME/logs/`date "+%A_%p_backup.log"`"
set excludes = "$HOME/backups/excludes.rsync"

# Start time
date > $logFile

# Do the backups
foreach dir ($backupdirs)
        rsync -av -v --delete --exclude-from=$excludes $dir
/g/backups/`date '+%
A'` >>& $logFile

# End Time
date >> $logFile

// --------------------------------- Processes once hang has occured
$ ps
      208       1     208        208  con 1004 07:30:05 /usr/bin/tcsh
     1640    2776    1640       3656    ? 1004 11:45:01 /usr/bin/sh
     3644    1640    1640       3644    ? 1004 11:45:01 /usr/bin/tcsh
     3964    3644    1640       3372    ? 1004 11:45:07 /usr/bin/rsync
     2668    3964    1640       2668    ? 1004 11:45:07 /usr/bin/rsync
     1164     208    1164       2368  con 1004 12:50:31 /usr/bin/ps

// ------------------------------ Crontab -l
# DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE - edit the master and reinstall.
# (/tmp/crontab.580 installed on Wed Aug  7 16:41:33 2002)
# (Cron version -- $Id: crontab.c,v 1.6 2001/09/19 17:09:55 corinna Exp $)
# Defaults

#37 16 * * * $HOME/backups/nightlyBackups

# Backups
45 11,15 * * * $HOME/backups/nightlyBackups

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