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Re: Cygwin takes *forever* to run gcc's configure!

"Randall R Schulz" <> wrote:
> Personally, I don't enable my Norton Anti-Virus for continual
monitoring. I
> only use it on demand, either to make a full sweep (on rare
occasions) or
> when I receive a file that I find suspicious. I've never had an
> infection and only rarely have I ever discovered a virus in the
> place. Discounting the obvious ones, I could (if my memory were
> almost certainly count on one hand the number of times I found a
virus when
> I wasn't already expecting one.

My current NAV configuration involves turning off "Auto-Protect"
but leaving on "Email Scanning" and "Script Blocking".  This seems
to stop NAV intercepting all file operations (as it normally
would) but leaves the email virus scanning in place (which is
where I get all my virus donations).

This setup seems to have sped my system up by a reasonable factor
without compromising security too much (YMMV).


// Conrad

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