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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] GNU emacs 21.2-5 packages available wrote:

I don't know if you are aware or not, but it does not appear to work as the message editor with Mutt. Emacs does not start, instead "Fatal error (11).Signal 11". This is after setting emacs as EDITOR="emacs" in .profile. Maybe it is something to do with where Mutt places the temporary file (in my case on an entirely different drive, f: - /cygdrive/f/Temp/filename) but that is just a guess. It starts fine from the command line, even "emacs /cygdrive/f/Temp/filename".
- You might invoke a shell script instead and log the environment
variables and emacs startup arguments before invoking emacs.

- I saw this a lot as a result of dll relocation before I changed the
emacs load address.  What OS are you using?  Maybe the loader
acts differently.  Or maybe you have zillions of dlls loaded?
Do you have the program from sysinternals (or is it Microsoft?)
that dumps the loaded dlls on the system?

Joe Buehler

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