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Emacs colours [RE: GNU emacs 21.2-5 packages available]

Hi Joe,

> GNU emacs package 21.2-5 has been released and should be on 
> the various mirrors.  A couple annoying bugs are fixed.

Thank you for making a Cygwin version of emacs. This will be very useful.

> Changes:
> - black on black is no longer the default color scheme

Oh dear.

I can see why this is necessary for emacs running in a "DOS box", but is
ugly and should not be necessary when displayed in a rxvt or xterm window,
or when using the X11 interface. I know I can change this back (I haven't
found out how, but I'm sure a little investigation will find it: emacs -r
isn't enough), but it would be cleanest to keep similar defaults as all
other versions (not least because I have a common .emacs).

Could I suggest that the reverse colours only be the default for the non-X11
interface, when run in a DOS box ($TERM=cygwin, I think)?

One other minor point, is that I've noticed that describe-function doesn't
always work, where it does in NT and RH7.2 Emacs 21.2, eg.

  (describe-function (quote cond))

says "cond is a special form. not documented".


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