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Re: suggestion for cygwin gcc-3.2


If this really bugs you so much, wrap the compiler in a script that filters the output to suppress the diagnostics you don't want to see. Then use the script instead of directly invoking the compiler. In Make, just override the default CC (or whatever) variable.
Just to point out why this isnt such a great solution to all the worlds problems. If I (the theoretical me that is) do that, I have to make that part of the build instructions for any package I release, and have to assume that the diagnositic message isnt going to change so that my users who are compiling their own coyy of gcc which might be a different version to mine will have it crash and burn.

<rant - please ignore :P>
No, at the moment it looks like if I want this to change I have to spend a year worming my way into the gcc core and create change from within. Ofcourse by then, most packages will have upgraded their build systems to compensate (hopefully) - its only really the transition time which will bother people.

Besides, just ignoring the message isn't safe, it is there for a reason.

Me - who only has one package and doesnt install anything much from source on cygwin can live with the tiny pain, but I know from experience on an OSF/1 box (where i have been using gcc head for 5 months) where I have to compile everything from source, its quite a pain.

However cgf has spoken, hes the gcc maintainer here so its his call, he does have a valid point (it is apparent that plenty of users builder their on gcc from gcc sources not mingw branch and any such user would have to face the breakage which we are all trying to avoid), but 'it was worth a try(tm)'. Nicholas can feel free to push further but I dont exactly have the free time for protracted discusions(aka hotpotato wars) at the moment (stupid thesis :P).

Gareth - just that guy over there, never mind him.

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