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Re: Emacs and 'tty'

Joe Buehler wrote:

> set CYGWIN=codepage:oem tty
> Notice the lack of quotes -- don't add any.  You might have 
> interesting results without "binmode" also -- I haven't tried it.
> I believe the CYGWIN variable is documented on a page on the 
> cygwin site somewhere.

I found it with a Google search, then saw Mark Harig had already done
the work :) ...

... where it says:

  (no)tty - if set, Cygwin enables extra support (i.e.,
  termios) for UNIX-like ttys. It is not compatible with some
  Windows programs. Defaults to not set, in which case the tty
  is opened in text mode with ^Z as EOF. Note that this has
  been changed such that ^D works as expected instead of ^Z,
  and is settable via stty. This option must be specified
  before starting a Cygwin shell and it cannot be changed in
  the shell.

Hmm, I wonder what win progs don't work.  It's somewhat of a drag that
it can't be changed in the shell, otherwise one could just create a
function in the .bashrc to export tty then call emacs. 

(I also notice that codepage:* is not mentioned on that page, yet it
seems to be needed IIRC for rxvt.  Any reason *not* to have the standard
distribution put 'set CYGWIN=codepage:oem' in cygwin.bat?)


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