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Re: "bash: hello: Command not found" error for hello.exe in present directory

This, however, does not happen on the cygwin bash
shell installed on my Windows 2000 machine (I did not
do anything special there). That's why I am confused!!


Because unlike DOS and NT command shells, bash
do NOT look for any executables in the current
directory unless explicitly told to do so (by
prepending './' to the command or adding '.' to the

Abhijit Patait wrote:

I recently installed cygwin on my Windows XP machine.
I wrote a simple "hello world" program and compiled
and linked it using gcc to create an executable named
"hello.exe" in a directory, named ~/hello/. However,
when I type "hello.exe" on the command line (in the
directory ~/hello/), I get a "bash: hello: command not
found" error. I have verified that the file hello.exe
exists in that directory.

A workaround is that I have to issue a command
"./hello" and then it works. Another workaround is
that I append "./" to my path in the .bashrc file in
my home directory and then it works too. Could someone
shed light on what's going on? Why is the shell not
able to look for the command in the present directory

Thanks in advance for your help.

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