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Re: Best environment setup for using gcc?

On Sun, Aug 18, 2002 at 11:00:18PM +0100, Al wrote:
>Also I dont know if I have to do stuff to make the include files
>accessible when I use gcc from bash.  I looked at the output from gcc
>-print-search-dirs but it didnt help me.  So how does eveyone else have
>their environments set up?  I cant just set my PATH to point to
>usr\include because a lot of the headers are nested in other
>directories like w32api.  Is it considered bad to have the kind of
>setup Im talking about and should just be telling it what directories
>to search each time I invoke gcc?  Help me conform ...

This is not complicated.  If you have a normal install, then invoking
gcc from bash will find the correct include files, including the ones in
w32api.  It would be a pretty broken distribution if that wasn't the

If this is not the case then you probably have some other GCC
environment variable set which is causing problems.  Inspecting the
environment would make this really obvious.

You should *not* be setting your PATH to include /usr/include.  That is
not what the PATH is used for.  I doubt that there is any C compiler "on
the market" which expects you to put /usr/include in your PATH.  The
PATH environment variable is supposed to control where you find
executable files, like gcc, ls, grep, etc., not include files.

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