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Problems SID and UID shown on remote NTFS network drive.

Hi all,

Cygcheck is attached below.
uname -a
CYGWIN_NT-5.0 DUFAY 1.3.12(0.54/3/2) 2002-07-06 02:16 i686 unknown

I have a problem figuring out the following:

when looking at my id I get:
uid=1116(kobi) gid=10513(Domain Users) groups=0(Everyone),544(Administrators),545(Users),0(Everyone)

That is correct. My /etc/passwd and /etc/group says that !!

When creating file on my local Hard disks I can see that
I am user with id 1116 in group 10513 (using ls -lna) OK !

However, That is not the case when creating a file on
a remote mapped-drive (NTFS), I can see that the owner is 1002
(instead of 1116 ).
Doing ls -lna I can see that user id is 1002 and gid is 10513 .
gid 10513 is OK. But where did cygwin got the 1002 ??

I did another thing to verify it. I looked at the created file with
win-explorer-file-properties-security, and I could see that the file
has 3 owners name: Domain Users, Everyone and SID like that:
I know that GID 513 (none) has that GID, and 1002 is *my* sid when
using mkpasswd -l

BUT, In order the system recognize only the domain part of me
I did only mkpasswd -d > /etc/passwd and remove the none-513 group
from /etc/group.
It seems that somehow, The system "knows" that originaly, I am sid
1002 and from group 513, thus creating file on remote drives making me

Last thing, just to make sure: It doesn't occur when creating file
using a dumb ms-dos console and/or ms-win-explorer.
(I.e. the user id is 1116 and group is 10513 and everything is cool
when looking at file's win-explorer-file-properties-security)

Is there anyone that can explain it or point me to a good resource
that explains that? (Webpage/book etc ....)

Thanks for your time.


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