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Re: Problems SID and UID shown on remote NTFS network drive.

At 04:20 AM 8/20/2002, kobi cohen arazi wrote:
>Hi all,
>Cygcheck is attached below.
>uname -a
>CYGWIN_NT-5.0 DUFAY 1.3.12(0.54/3/2) 2002-07-06 02:16 i686 unknown
>I have a problem figuring out the following:
>when looking at my id I get:
>uid=1116(kobi) gid=10513(Domain Users) groups=0(Everyone),544(Administrators),545(Users),0(Everyone)
>That is correct. My /etc/passwd and /etc/group says that !!
>When creating file on my local Hard disks I can see that
>I am user with id 1116 in group 10513 (using ls -lna) OK !
>However, That is not the case when creating a file on
>a remote mapped-drive (NTFS), I can see that the owner is 1002
>(instead of 1116 ).
>Doing ls -lna I can see that user id is 1002 and gid is 10513 .
>gid 10513 is OK. But where did cygwin got the 1002 ??
>I did another thing to verify it. I looked at the created file with
>win-explorer-file-properties-security, and I could see that the file
>has 3 owners name: Domain Users, Everyone and SID like that:
>I know that GID 513 (none) has that GID, and 1002 is *my* sid when
>using mkpasswd -l
>BUT, In order the system recognize only the domain part of me
>I did only mkpasswd -d > /etc/passwd and remove the none-513 group
>from /etc/group.
>It seems that somehow, The system "knows" that originaly, I am sid
>1002 and from group 513, thus creating file on remote drives making me
>Last thing, just to make sure: It doesn't occur when creating file
>using a dumb ms-dos console and/or ms-win-explorer.
>(I.e. the user id is 1116 and group is 10513 and everything is cool
>when looking at file's win-explorer-file-properties-security)
>Is there anyone that can explain it or point me to a good resource
>that explains that? (Webpage/book etc ....)
>Thanks for your time.

The general reference for this area is in the user's guide.

See the sections on security.

If you want to be treated by Cygwin as the domain user, you need to log
into Windows as the domain user.  Otherwise, you're the local version of
"you" and this ID will be used for file (and other token) creation.

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