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Re: Patches for gnupg 1.0.7 / cygwin 1.3.10


> > I am not into personal attacks, please view this as constructive critism,
> > but I find your line of reasoning to be highly fallacious.  The whole
> > point of the cygwin project is to "free" Windows users from the
> > restrictions and non-posix compliance of their OS.  It allows them to have
> > a choice in how they run their software and how it behaves.  We aren't
> I see your point and will step back. 
Thank you very much, it's no fun maintaining a fork.
> What we should do then is to change the half-existing Cygwin support
> to support Cygwin really in a Unix way and not a mixed
> w32/cygwin support.  The goal is to let it work in the best way
> with mutt ans similar programs. 
Hmm, most of the work was removing the "support" for Cygwin, because
it is more POSIX/UNIX like than most people think.

> We can't do this for 1.2.0 but it should be a goal for 1.2.1.
I will post details/patches in a follow-up to the gnupg-dev mailing list,
here on the cygwin mailing list is already to much traffic.
> Okay?

>   Werner
Bis bald


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