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Remote jobs running through SSH get stuck


I've encountered a very strange problem recently.

I have a job which is executed on Windows machine running OpenSSH
3.4p1 with Cygwin DLL 1.3.12-2. The job writes a lot of output to
standard output (about 3Mb of text) and some goes to standard error
(much less). This output is being redirected to a file on Linux
machine which started the job (stdout goes to one file, stderr to
another one).

I run the job with the following command:

ssh -q -C -o ForwardAgent=no -o ForwardX11=no -n machine-name \
    command > file

Sometimes the program on the other end just gets stuck. It stops
any output, doesn't use CPU anymore, nothing.

I guess I also should mention that the program being run on Windows
machine is not a cygwin one, it's purely Windows program. I was able
to get to run to completion using tfy, but the text is full of escape
sequences, not to mention that there's no more stdout/stderr
separation. And what seems really strange to me that it doesn't get
stuck all the time, the problem is intermittent.

Has anyone seen anything like that? Is there a solution for it?

        - Peter

Peter Solodov                    | IITS         | Concordia University | Montreal, QC, Canada

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