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RE: Tar Problems Under Cygwin

Is /cygdrive/f/ (or whatever drive letter) a standard when Cygwin is

I am using these instructions for others that will install Cygwin and I want
to make sure I give them the proper information on how to un-tar the file.
In other words, is the mount point /cygdrive/f/ going to be something
different on another system?  Or do all drives install the same way - with
the same mount points - if they are installed from the same binaries?

Or is it best to do a mount to see how the drive is mounted before trying to
un-tar the file?

Thanks for the fast responses.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Max Bowsher []
> Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2002 7:21 AM
> To:;
> Subject: Re: Tar Problems Under Cygwin
> Anthony Massa wrote:
> > ... I tried to un-tar the
> > file using the command:
> >
> > $ tar xjvf f:/i386rdwr.tar.bz2
> >
> > I get the following output error message:
> >
> > f: unknown host
> > tar (child): f\:/i386rdwr.tar.bz2: Cannot open: I/O error
> f is being interpreted as a remote computer name. Specify the file as:
> /cygdrive/f/i386rdwr.tar.bz2
> Max.

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