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Re: Updating dll info in the User's Guide

On Wed, Aug 21, 2002 at 05:36:56PM +0000, Soren A wrote:
>Christopher Faylor <> wrote around 21 Aug 2002
>"> about %s: 
>> Not the same thing.  It's the standard bug reporting technique of
>> assuming that the people reading the mail are mind readers who are
>> clued into exact knowledge of a problem.
>Not really, Chris. In this case, the reality is not that there was
>anything inadaquate about my report/query, but rather the inadaquacy is
>entirely on your part. You are the documentation maintainer and yet you
>know nothing about aspects of the tools you use? HEY. 

Although I admitted to ignorance (I try to do that when I'm not up to
speed on something), you are assuming that I should apply expert status
to *you*.  You are assuming that I should take your notice of "something
wrong" as having some weight when there is, so far, no evidence that I
should do so.

Actually, ignorance is probably too strong a term for my state.  I
suppose I am now a "newbie" when it comes to style sheets.  I did scan
the appropriate documentation about style sheets and then inspected the
cygwin html.  I did that prior to sending my first message.  I don't see
anything wrong with the user guide html.  I'm willing to be proven
wrong, however, with specific examples, which you are, so far, unwilling
to provide.

I suppose it is possible that you are referring to the use of the words
"StyleSheet" in the meta tag at the top of the generated code.  AFAIK,
meta tags do not have anything to do with style sheets, and the mention
of a style sheet in this context is merely to illustrate that the
DocBook HTML stylesheet was used to generate the html.  However, if you
have more information on this, then it would certainly be welcome.
Hmm.  Starting to repeat myself.

So, basically, in absence of any specifics, I'll just take your reported
problems as indicating erroroneous assumptions on your part.  Feel free
to taunt me about not knowing how to use my tools some more if it makes
you feel better.  Either that or provide specific information.


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