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Re: Updating dll info in the User's Guide

References: <>
<Xns927173B917AEDsoren1Gmane@> <>
<Xns9271790BEA4BDsoren1Gmane@> <>

"Soren A" <> wrote:
> There are a couple standard mechanisms for including CSS stylesheets into
> the HTML document. None seem to be in use here. The documentation seems to
> be auto-generated by 'DocBook' which is something I know nothing about; I
> suspect that this is where some answers lie, though.

DocBook FAQ:

> > I should make it clear that I know nothing about stylesheets.  As you
> > noted, this is autogenerated code.  If you see a specific problem with
> > it then a specific suggestion is appropriate.
> Yes. My specific suggestion is that you learn your tools. It is not
> farfetched to suppose that somewhere in the user documentation that
> exists for DocBook there is info pertaining to generation and
> configuration of stylesheets to complement the application's HTML
> output.

I believe I'm actually the one who's supposed to be working on improving
the documentation. I have noticed that the HTML produced could be better
(especially that putting the ">" on the next line issue), but I don't (yet?)
know how to make it better. 

What I do know is that right now the HTML User's Guide looks decent in most
every browser, and I have heard about stylesheets that
Netscape 4.x does not support them very well. So I echo Chris':

> > If you have a specific suggestion, I'd like to hear it.

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