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Re: Updating dll info in the User's Guide

On Thu, 2002-08-22 at 04:57, Christopher Faylor wrote:

> I suppose it is possible that you are referring to the use of the words
> "StyleSheet" in the meta tag at the top of the generated code.  AFAIK,
> meta tags do not have anything to do with style sheets, and the mention
> of a style sheet in this context is merely to illustrate that the
> DocBook HTML stylesheet was used to generate the html.  However, if you
> have more information on this, then it would certainly be welcome.
> Hmm.  Starting to repeat myself.
> So, basically, in absence of any specifics, I'll just take your reported
> problems as indicating erroroneous assumptions on your part.  Feel free
> to taunt me about not knowing how to use my tools some more if it makes
> you feel better.  Either that or provide specific information.

Nyahh nyah nya-nyah nyah. Taunted yet?

Hope I'm not interfering my jumping in the middle of this mounting...

For the archive (as the FAQ reference may not be obvious to future

Docbook generated HTML tags the HTML tags with similar classes to those
used in the SGML source to allow _optional_ overriding of the format on
a per-class basis. (For instance <H1 class="Title">. Here the class is
title, and if wanted the title larger we could include an inline style
sheet, or a reference to an includeable style sheet in a META tag in the

Soren's reference to a 'missing' style sheet is because there is no
style sheet specified, but we use all these styles.

Soren: This is fine, it's by design.


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