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RE: using MFC with cygwin

No one has ported MFC to any compiler besides VC++.  And while
it could be done, the benefits are minimal since the Microsoft
license would prevent you from distributing the result.

I'm not sure what problems you're refering to with regard to VC++
linking against Cygwin-made DLLs/LIBs.  This should be possible so
long as you take some care in not mixing C runtimes.


Original Message:
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 17:29:02 +0400
Subject: using MFC with cygwin


I have unix console application. I want to use this application as a
back-end for windows GUI application. This GUI application is written
using MFC. I find out that there is no way to use cygwin *.o objects
and *.dll libraries in VC++ projects because of gcc and msvc compiler

So i cannot use cygwin+gcc to compile my back-end and msvc to compile
GUI front-end. Am i right?

I cannot use msvc to compile entire project.

Can i compile MFC GUI application using cygwin+gcc? I tried to do it
but i have some problems:
Compiler cannot find MFC headers and some win32 headers like tchar.h.
I copy tchar.h to cygwin's win32 include directory and use gcc with
-I<path_to_mfc_headers> option.

But i still have problems:

/cygdrive/c/visualstudio/vc98/mfc/include/afx.h:621: variable or field
ll' declared void
/cygdrive/c/visualstudio/vc98/mfc/include/afx.h:621: parse error before `('
/cygdrive/c/visualstudio/vc98/mfc/include/afx.h:1523: confused by earlier
, bailing out

So can i combine cygwin API functions with MFC?

Best regards,

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