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Problems with GNU make.exe on win98


Heres the environment:
Win 98, cygwin-b20, make 3.75, DOS shell

Whenever I try to run make in a DOS shell, I get several "Bad command or file name" errors. I discovered that I was getting this error only for commands that are also part of the standard DOS ( library. This does not appear to be a path problem since all non-DOS commands work fine. Also, I am able to run the same DOS command outside of make.

If I place a "mkdir xxx" in the GNUmakefile and run make, I get the mentioned error. However, I can run that same command at the DOS prompt, it works fine. If I go to the cygwin binary directory, rename mkdir.exe to mkdir_test.exe, then adjust the GNUMakefile to contain "mkdir_test xxx", everything will work fine.

So, is it possible that make.exe is not looking outside the DOS command shell for commands that are part of the standard DOS library? But, it works for all other commands that are in the PATH?

I have tried setting my PATH so that the cygwin/bin directory is first, this does not help. This same 
environment works fine on windows 2000. Any help would be appreciated... Thanks. 

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