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Re: Problems with GNU make.exe on win98 (reformatted)

Since you bothered to post twice...

<> wrote around 22 Aug 2002 
20020822183340.SKQW13865.fe1@localhost">news:20020822183340.SKQW13865.fe1@localhost about %s:

> Hi,
> Heres the environment:
> Win 98, cygwin-b20, make 3.75, DOS shell

Get a recent Cygwin release, not an ancient, outdated beta version.

> Whenever I try to run make in a DOS shell, I get several
> "Bad command or file name" errors.

Cygwin tools are meant to be used in a *cygwin* shell. What you are
calling a "DOS" shell is not cygwin bash, or if it is, you need to
understand what is going on so that you can name and describe it
clearly. On Win98, the default, native shell (command interpreter) is
named "COMMAND.COM". Is this what you are using? If so, please stop
before you hurt yourself. 

> So, is it possible that make.exe is not looking outside the
> DOS command shell for commands that are part of the standard
> DOS library? But, it works for all other commands that are
> in the PATH?

There is nothing wrong with cygwin `make'. First of all, please disabuse
yourself of the notion that a difficulty which is arising from a
fundamental lack of knowledge about how to run procedures in Cygwin's
working environment (shell), is happening because of a bug in `make'.

Also, please realize (for background perspective) that using Cygwin on
Win98 is "not really" supported. It isn't the professional development
platform / environment on which most Cygwin enthusiasts work; it is a
buggy, deeply unstable OS with too much cruft in it for long-term use.
*I* use it, however. For the time being. 

> I have tried setting my PATH so that the cygwin/bin
> directory is first, this does not help. This same 
> environment works fine on Win 2000. Any help would be 
> appreciated... Thanks.

Post exactly what your PATH is when *in* the Cygwin shell, once you've
done the reading above and are sure you understand what shell you are

I'd also recommend that you (Google, not here) learn about the
differences (distinction) between the shell on Win9x and the
CMD.exe shell supplied with all Windows NT and derivative OSs (W2K). 

I also run Cygwin on Win98 and have for years. I use `make' all the time
and so you can believe me when I tell you that the wrong tree is being
barked up. ;-) 

    Soren A

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