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Re: CSS in the User's Guide (was:Updating dll info...)

Jon Cast <> wrote around 22 Aug 2002">

> Soren A <> wrote in part:
>> I consider Cygwin to be far to important to myself and too many
>> other people to be left in the sole care of a cygwin 'junta' led by
>> Chris Faylor
> I hope no-one thinks I'm speaking out of line when I say: if you don't
> like how cgf is managing things, then fork.  Or at least start your
> own mailing list.  But don't insist cgf (who is both maintainer of
> Cygwin and manager of this list) change how he manages his stuff.
> (software and mailing lists.)
>>    Regards,
>>     Soren A
> Jon Cast

Ahh yes, a member of the 'thugs' speaks, as I've just referred to.
There's always been sycophants in every age of human history. 

My most recent follow-up to Joshua, that is selectively quoted above
with great care to *not* demonstrate wherein I started by demanding
anything at all, made special effort to note that no normal reading of
my postings in this discussion contain any wording by me that can be
construed as "demanding" anything, until I was accosted and accused of
"demanding" something. Of course what's "normal" for ordinary users
isn't obvious to juntas, thugs and sycophants. By definition.  

This particular guy should definitely be working for M$. He's got the
right mental outlook for closed, proprietary software and exactly the
wrong ethics for Open Source. 

  ** Thugs, junta principles and their sycophants are 
hereby *enthusiastically*  invited to killfile ALL my postings. **

Other persons are invited to reflect on the underrated axiom that "If
you are not part of the Solution, you are part of the Problem". Trying
to silence dissenters and discourage expression of dissenting viewpoints
is "being part of the problem." It's not "somebody elses' problem,
somewhere else (like Afghanistan?)", but mine and yours right here in
everyday life, in whatever sphere of society we operate. We ignore that
truth at our growing peril of waking up someday to discover that while
we were sleeping, it became "bad manners" and worse, to live according
to democratic principles (as opposed to waving flags and giving lip
service to 'patriotism'). 

  Best Regards,
   Soren A

  "It's about Power, and Abuse of Power."

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