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Re: compiling Tk800.023-1 onto a windows 2000 system with cygwin

"Gerrit P. Haase" <> wrote around 22 Aug 2002">

>> Specifically you can view:
> I see.  Would you mind to share a copy of the patch you mentioned
> there?

Ahhhahh. Good catch Gerrit. Looking at it now, I find myself thinking
"why wouldn't the patch be there somewhere?" I know that it's because I
basically ran out of steam and figured I would come back and do it
sometimes later. BTW, I think I CC: you back then on my build problems. 

The story is that most of the diff between my sources and pristine are
work of another hacker and I found it on-line, in one of the more
obvious places (a perlTk mailing list archive or a ng -- no, it was the
perltK newsgroup, def.). A smaller part is additional alterations that I
found good to add to make the build happen or happen more
conveniently. It's a case of 3-way diff and I didn't have it set up to
do a diff generation right then on the spot. (and no I don't remember
the name of the "other hacker", sorry. it was something very Slavic I

Unfortunately I cannot honor your request immediately because I find
(I've just been searching) that I don't have my sources here to generate
a patch from. At this time I don't have the financial fortune to own a
nice laptop or a dedicated line into the remote system where I do some
of my most productive work (at my girlfriend's apartment in another city
;-). The good news? is that I'll be down there in a couple of days and
then I can make the patch and upload. I'll get back to you on this at
that time. 

   Best Regards,
     Soren A

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