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Re: Character at a time input (was Re: Where is less source?)


I'm afraid to do that on Windows you'll have to reboot after reading each character.

OK. Not to be totally frivolous: Yes, "cbreak" and "raw" modes work under Cygwin. You can see it work from the command line:

% stty cbreak
% cat
tthhiiss iiss aa tteesstt


Just to be clear, I typed "this is a test<RETURN>". For reasons I don't understand, CTRL-D (which I verified is my tty's eof character) did not generate a end-of-file condition--I had to use CTRL-C to terminate the "cat" command. What seems even stranger is that "raw" mode behaved the same way. I suppose those symptoms occur because I don't include the "tty" option in $CYGWIN.

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 15:23 2002-08-22, J. Scott Edwards wrote:

Thanks, I found it.  But unfortunately it didn't answer my question:

Can ioctl be used to change the standard input into character at a time
mode or do I have to use ncurses or is there a better way to just get a
character at a time?


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